One Pound Coin

19.619 grams 22 ct 2007 £1 One Round Pound Millennium Bridge PROOF Yemen South Arabia One Pound ND1965 P3bs Specimen Perforated Uncirculated $100 Silver Proof One Quarter-Pound 4 troy oz. 999 Bar Washington Mint 1996 George Shenton Unissued One Pound Trader's Note Ca 1865 Extremely Fine 100 CRISP UNC GREAT BRITAIN ONE POUND MILITARY NOTES P-M22, c. 1948 withREPEATER 1961 One Pound Star Note Coombs/Wilson R34bS Uncirculated One of Every (600) A Series/Prefix English £5 Five Pound Note Released To Date 1927 One Pound Note Riddle Heathershaw AUnc Consecutive Pair extremely rare Rare Defect One Pound Coin Error Fault On Crown New Close Up Pictures Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #3 Nascar One Pound Proof #00410 1996 DouglasTown Isle of Man £1 One Pound Uk 1990 One Pound Coin Value 1990 1 Coin Worth