One Pound Coin

The National Bank of Scotland. One Pound Note. 1917. W. Samuel 2003 UK 50p One & Two Pounds Silver Proof Piedfort 3 Coin Set, box/COA 1954 One Pound Isle of Man Bank Limited, F/VF 1970 Isle of Man £1 One Pound Banknote signed P. H. G. Stallard P25b UNC Palestine Currency Board, One Pound 1944 British Mandate, Rare Bank Of England White Five Pound Note Peppiat London April 17 1945 Rare 1983 Royal Arms One Pound Coin DECUS ET TUTAMEN Upside Down Coin C1 NGC Graded 1987 Proof Viking Warrior Isle of Man £1 One Pound PF67 Die BB Australia early one pound note George V Riddle Heathershaw 1927 estate 1990 Uk Welsh Leek 1 United Kingdom One Pound Coin Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II Wales Rare 1853 Provincial Bank Of Ireland Limerick £1 One Pound Banknote 2012 Proof Liberty Mint Giant One Quarter Pound. 999 Silver Round Quarter Dollar